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At Lehtomaa Funeral Home, we recognize that meaningful funerals do not just happen. They are well-thought out events that demand the focus, commitment and guidance of an expert in ceremony. We are equipped with creative and meaningful ways to involve family and friends in the farewell process.

An environment of enlightened hospitality:
Recognizing that families and friends gather most often at weddings and funerals, we’ve dedicated ourselves to create comfortable space for fellowship and renewal of friendships. Refreshments are often served during visitation or a memorial as part of our personal service amenities.; Hometown Hospitality.

Lehtomaa Funeral Home offers a premier funeral service facility:
Located on a quiet street with no traffic hassles, we offer spacious and well-appointed facilities on ground level with more than ample parking for family and guests.

After the Funeral – Our Care Continues:
With a convenient, on-site reception center allowing families and guests a space to gather and share memories following committal services. The convenient locations mean that your family and guests will measure their journey from the site of the service to the reception in steps, not miles.

A culture of Caring:
We know that the death of a loved one has different meaning to different people. We’re equally comfortable serving those who believe in “celebrating a life” as we are when serving those who “mourn the death” of a loved one. Expect a member of the Lehtomaa Family and Staff to meet your level of comfort and expectation. There is no standard way of experiencing the death of a loved one. Similarly, expect the care you receive to be customized to best suit your individual circumstances.

Attention to detail:
We leave nothing to chance when it comes to managing your personal information. A certificate of death is created in our office then delivered to the physician of record for his or her completion. A member of the Lehtomaa Family & Staff will then courier the certificate to the appropriate county or city health authorities to obtain a State permit for burial or cremation. This priority placed upon this process results in our client families receiving certified copies of death certificates within a two and a half business day average.

When families choose cremation, they can rest assured that their loved one cremation will be conducted within 24 hours of a physician signing a death certificate and only with the approval of the next of kin. This commitment to expedited cremation allows families to plan gathering and memorial activities without guessing when their loved one will be cremated. The crematory includes a space for families to gather and observe the cremation process if desired.

Pet Cremation:
The devotion and unconditional love of a pet are among the best things one can experience in life. That's why such a deep bond develops between owners and pets. As pet owners ourselves, we understand this, and how hard the loss of your pet can be. Let our caring staff help you select the best way to remember your friend. We offer a full line of pet memorial products and cremation services. We also have many memorial packages, to fit almost any price range.